Conco & The Fudge

One's a carnival strongman, the other is a fitness fanatic from the Chocolate Factory. But when they are together, hilarity ensues through their wild and wacky podcasting adventures! Concrete Davidson has been a mainstay of Australian wrestling since 2011. He has wrestled for major promotions all around the country and resides in his home state of New South Wales. A trailblazer of the old-fashioned style and manly ways, he is the true original old time strongman of professional wrestling. Big Fudge is New South Wales’ sentimental fan favourite with a heart bigger than Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. He is a masked marvel who boasts an alleged height of over 7 feet tall and loves fitness and showing off his guns. He famously won over the support of fans with the 2016 #GiveFudgeAChance movement.

Episode 35 with Paris De Siva

Episode 35 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Paris De Silva. The Spartan of the Skies joins us to cover some of his young but storied career so far. We discuss his beginnings at the Australian Pro Wrestling Gym, teaming with Jude “The Dude”, journeying to Japan and the LA Dojo for NJPW and going viral recently after PWA Call to Arms.


Episode 34 with Hamish & Andy

Episode 34 of Conco & The Fudge with special guests Hamish & Andy. Conco was invited to be part of The People's Press Junket for the launch for True Story Season 2, resulting in a fun catch up naming fellow members of our roster for about four minutes. Concrete & Big Fudge cover a few other things while in Star Bar, like the impending Call to Arms at Max Watts.


Episode 33 with Jonah Rock

Episode 33 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Jonah Rock. The King of Monsters joins us backstage at Max Watts for a chat about being a big man in today's independent wrestling landscape, food, his insane lifts in the gym, the doors that have opened for him since debuting for PWG and much, much more...


Episode 32 at Supanova

Episode 32 of Conco & The Fudge comes to you live from the gimmick table at Supanova for the launch of the new Conco & The Fudge comic book! We are joined by one of the artists behind the comic and creator our podcast artwork Gooney Toons and anyone who walked by and visited our table on the day.


Episode 31 with Mick Moretti

Episode 31 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Mick Moretti. The Rapscallion joins us over burgers to recap his recent adventures. We cover his journeys through the USA during 2017, the development of the Master of Mischief, the #youregonnanoticeus movement and much more.


Episode 30 with Harley Wonderland

Episode 30 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Harley Wonderland. A long overdue guest and one of the longest tenured female wrestlers in Australia, 'Wondies' joins the show for a light-hearted chat about her time in wrestling, training in the USA, the beginnings of Newy Pro, being in control of Shazza McKenzie for a brief period and much more.


Episode 29 with Rufio

Episode 29 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest RUFIO! The lost boy of Aussie wrestling wrestling joins the show to discuss topics like the current state of wrestling in Queensland, how he found himself wrestling in Malaysia, his love for memes and much more. Also we found a new recording space, and it's a little unique.


Episode 28 with Madison Eagles

Episode 28 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Madison Eagles. The two-time Shimmer Champion and matriarch of PWA finally joins the show. We cover her years in amateur wrestling, women's wrestling and how far it has come, her crowning achievements and much, much more...


Episode 27 with Austin Aries

Episode 27 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Austin Aries. "The Truth" joined us while in Sydney for a lengthy interview discussing everything he's been in the wrestling news for as of late, as well as his book Food Fight, thoughts on World Series Wrestling and the talent today vs 2007, his beginnings with ROH, reality TV, and much, much more.


Episode 26 with Mike Quackenbush

Episode 26 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Mike Quackenbush. Author, trainer, fellow podcaster and wrestler honours our show following an incredible week of training at the Pro Wrestling Academy and Newcastle Pro's House of Free Fighting. We discuss podcasting in wrestling, storytelling in Chikara and much, much more.


Episode 25 with Damian Slater

Episode 25 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Damian Slater. The World Beater and newest member of TMDK joins the show during a whirlwind weekend across states. We discuss cracking in-jokes on Deal or No Deal, participating in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic as well as touching on the legacy of Col Dervany and much more.


Episode 24 with Sean Kustom

Episode 24 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Sean Kustom (also InstaGraham and Unsocial Jordan). After singing goodbyes with the two original members of SMS, we finally get to chat with the long overdue Sean Kustom. We discuss his recent tryout, his rise to being a top talent in 2015/16, moving to the UK and much more.


Episode 23 with Ryback

Episode 23 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Ryback! The BIG GUY and fellow podcaster Ryback joins us as we talk about his visit to Australia, his return to action after stem cell treatment on his shoulder, the fan response to STUPID headlines, what it's like being in control of his own brand and using podcasting as one of his main platforms. Plus teaming with Curtis Axel and more!


Episode 22 with Kellyanne

Episode 22 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Kellyanne. The leader of her own Fiend Club, we chat with Kellyanne about her time staying with Teddy Hart in Canada, her AAA tryout in Mexico, her goals regarding Europe, her advocacy for inter-gender wrestling and much more!

Episode 21 with Will Ospreay


Episode 21 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Will Ospreay. Hours before the epic first encounter between Robbie Eagles and Will Ospreay, we sat down with "The Aerial Assassin" and discussed his intentions to move to Australia, his adoration for backyard wrestling, his impression of PWA/Newy Pro trainees at his seminar the night before, what he thinks he can do to help Aussie wrestling, and much, much more.

Episode 20 with Jack Bonza

Episode 20 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest, the returning Jack Bonza. We cover why we've been so quiet (it's not that exciting) but Bonza takes us through his experience with the Australian House of Hardcore tour 2017.


Episode 19 with "Tuff Stuff" Ricky South

Episode 19 of Conco & The Fudge with guest Ricky South! The flamboyant newcomer to Australian wrestling joins the show for some lighthearted fun. We cover his early days, the recently successful House show, the origin of "Tuff Stuff", how he's Fudge's go-to man with food and much more.

Episode 18 - Mania & Stuff

No guest this episode, just pure CATF once again. Includes WrestleMania in a minute, impressions of each other, Conco's story about meeting The Undertaker, Big Fudge ending up in a kayfabe vortex and much more...

Episode 17 with Del Cano

Episode 17 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Del Cano. One of Western Australia's most impressive high flyers joins the show and discusses being a Jewish luchador, wrestling in Israel, favourite Simpsons characters and much more.

Episode 16 with Cousin Ali

Episode 16 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Cousin Ali. After an unplanned hiatus, the show returns with a brief recap and interview with Victoria's Cousin Ali, who joins us to talk about security work, getting into wrestling, dropping weight and much more!