Conco & The Fudge

One's a carnival strongman, the other is a fitness fanatic from the Chocolate Factory. But when they are together, hilarity ensues through their wild and wacky podcasting adventures! Concrete Davidson has been a mainstay of Australian wrestling since 2011. He has wrestled for major promotions all around the country and resides in his home state of New South Wales. A trailblazer of the old-fashioned style and manly ways, he is the true original old time strongman of professional wrestling. Big Fudge is New South Wales’ sentimental fan favourite with a heart bigger than Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. He is a masked marvel who boasts an alleged height of over 7 feet tall and loves fitness and showing off his guns. He famously won over the support of fans with the 2016 #GiveFudgeAChance movement.

Episode 15 with Lucas Kelly

Episode 15 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Lucas Kelly. The first non-active wrestler on the show joins Concrete and Big Fudge and recaps on his brief history with PWA, debuting drunk, and his MMA stint with Wimp 2 Warrior.

Episode 14 - Australia Day

No guests this week, just another Conco & The Fudge sit down, covering topics like the most Australian things we've seen on shows, taking pictures with fans, plus Concrete and Big Fudge host the Australian Championship Tournament!

Episode 13 with Jessica Troy & Charli Evans

Episode 13 of Conco & The Fudge with special guests Jessica Troy and Charli Evans. The current PWWA co-champions join the show for the first two on two interview, touching on a few topics like the perception of women's wrestling, inter-gender matches, encounters with creepers, plus cameos by Madison Eagles and Shazza McKenzie. Also NameXT returns, Heavy Stuff and Conco Derailin'.

Episode 12 with Gavin McGavin

Episode 12 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Gavin McGavin. The current EPW Coastal Champion joins us while on his week long visit to New South Wales wrestling for Newy Pro. We discuss the origin of his name, his years competing in the tag team McMassive, being a primary school teacher outside of wrestling, and try to keep the show on track despite an impromptu toy chicken interruption.

Episode 11 with Caveman Ugg

Episode 11 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Caveman Ugg. The current Newcastle Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion joins us through the use of the grunt interpreter for a coherent interview about fitness, prior gimmicks, wrestling barefoot and much more. Also Concrete and Big Fudge look for an appropriate place to dispose of a bomb before it detonates!

Episode 10 - 2016 Finale

Episode 10 of Conco & The Fudge with no guest this episode, just pure Conco & The Fudge from start to finish. The guys reflect on the year just went, the success of the show so far, a new segment called Name & Shame and much more!

Episode 9 with Buddy Murphy

Episode 9 of Conco & The Fudge with NXT Superstar Buddy Murphy! The former NXT Tag Team Champion joins us for a brief interview where we discuss the WWE Performance Centre, what he misses about Australia, being in WWE 2k17, character development and more. Also a new segment called NameXT by Concrete and Big Fudge.

Episode 8 with Robbie Eagles

Episode 8 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Robbie Eagles. The current PWA Champion and Newcastle Pro Wrestling Middleweight Champion joins us for a fun chat, discusses the transformation in him once a show is over and he enters a McDonalds, a story about one weirdo who accosted him at the twin servo Maccas, and some very passionate words and discussion about the state of local wrestling.

Episode 7 with Australian Suicide

Episode 7 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest Australian Suicide (aka: Ryan Rollins). The 2016 Triplemania Cup winner and current Triple A luchador Australian Suicide joins Conco and the Fudge and talks about living and wrestling in Mexico and what it’s like being with the biggest wrestling promotion in Lucha Libre.

Episode 6 with InstaGraham

Episode 6 of Conco & The Fudge with special guest InstaGraham. One week late and battling through technical issues, Conco and The Fudge finally release their very fun chat with InstaGraham featuring segments like Lovely Gents, Hair & Hygiene, Mask Talk/Máscaras del Talkas/Habla de Máscaras and more. Also the first ever Official Conco & The Fudge Bee Boy Impersonation Competition.