Conco & The Fudge

One's a carnival strongman, the other is a fitness fanatic from the Chocolate Factory. But when they are together, hilarity ensues through their wild and wacky podcasting adventures! Concrete Davidson has been a mainstay of Australian wrestling since 2011. He has wrestled for major promotions all around the country and resides in his home state of New South Wales. A trailblazer of the old-fashioned style and manly ways, he is the true original old time strongman of professional wrestling. Big Fudge is New South Wales’ sentimental fan favourite with a heart bigger than Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. He is a masked marvel who boasts an alleged height of over 7 feet tall and loves fitness and showing off his guns. He famously won over the support of fans with the 2016 #GiveFudgeAChance movement.

Holy Artwork Conco!

Another great Gooney Toons creation for Conco & The Fudge. Check out our store page for new items featuring this new design.

Funny = $$$

Friend of the show and wrestling podcast pioneer Colt Cabana left this message for Conco and Fudge about the release of the Wrestling Road Diaries Three. Get your copy at